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Which Breakfast Egg Variety Has The Least Calories & Best For Weight Loss?

So, here we have it. An egg or rather i should rephrase it as “The Egg” and to be honest, it deserves this acclaim. The little fella has been serving and fulfilling our appetites since, ever. Not only people who follow diet plans for weight loss love it, its appeal goes beyond every age and demographic. It’s a popular little fella!

In addition to eating it, per se, if we start considering all the foods and dishes that eggs help in making, its contributions to our food will probably go beyond stats and well, beyond doubt!

So, the little fella is one of our fundamental foods and a breakfast favourite. In fact, according to recent study,2 out of 10 Americans are eating eggs for their breakfast daily. Across the pacific, Brits are not lagging behind and reporting an increase of 13.7% in egg consumption.

So, the already popular little fella is on a role and moving towards a celebrity status. Looking at this popularity, it makes me wish i was an egg…………..!

What’s fascinating about eggs is that it is one of the few select foods that can be prepared and consumed in every cooking method known to the human kind.


Since, eggs have such a universal existence in our food scene; it is bound to create an impact on our health and weight management. And as i always imply, such widespread impact is an opportunity for us to better understand the nutritional aspects of egg and use it to our advantage for better health and better weight. Eggs, per se, are most popular in breakfasts. So, in this article, we will see the most popular cooking methods for breakfast eggs and see which one is the best for weight loss.

The types i have included are poached, hard boiled, fried, omelette and scrambled.

Before, looking at the table, take a guess which one is the lightest on calories?


If you guessed poached, well done, If it was some other type, don’t worry as now you know and knowledge is power! So, poached eggs save you 27kcal from the heaviest scrambled variety. If you eat eggs daily, this means a saving of 810kcal in a month which roughly equates to 0.4 pounds of weight loss approx. embrace smart eating and never underestimate the power of these small changes as they all compound in the end to create an impact. Visit iSlimSolutions and learn more about eating smart and looking smart or Download our free app and start right away!